We’re constantly bombarded with new information, new products, services, bosses, priorities, processes, and technology. Sales drive the business and it is challenging. It is a complex process of human behavior with no shortcuts. In order to increase sales, a strong sales strategy should be in place for building an effective clientele. Building a proper strategy will skyrocket your sales goals and generate higher revenue.

12 fruitful strategies to amplify overall sales productivity and generate higher revenue:

Skyrocket your sales goals with best sales practices, tips, and techniques to gain the right customers for your products and services.

1. Sell product benefits to customers

People look for products and their benefits. Harvard Business School conducted a research study and found that products of all kinds sell because of their benefits. The benefits and features of the products should be highlighted for sales made through email, direct mail, or social selling. Highlighting the strongest benefits of your product will reassure customers that you care about them. Selling with benefits means that you are transparent with your customers. Consumers will spend money on products that will make their lives better. Hence, 70% of product benefits and 30% features should be highlighted for the best results.

2) Identify and understand the customer

The foundation of effective selling is understanding your customers’ needs. You should identify the ideal customer by making a list of all of the benefits that the customer will enjoy by using our product or service. By being a mentor, you need to get a thorough understanding of the customers. Information of the customers with regard to age, gender, family background, profession, annual income should be gathered.

3) Identify the problem clearly

Customers will buy the product in order to solve their problems. Hence you should identify their problems and provide proper solutions as per customer needs/expectations. The problems can be clear or unclear/ obvious or not obvious. If the customers and their problems are identified correctly, they will pay to solve their problems.

4) Build credibility with trust and expertise

Having successful customer relationships is the foundation of a salesperson’s career. Top brands can sell their products easily because over time they have built a reputation with their credibility. Customer service is the hallmark of credibility. It is best earned by looking out for the interests of other people. You should adopt ways to improve credibility by providing answers to CQs correctly, offering new and valuable content to customers regularly, solving relevant problems for the target audience, and nurturing respectable relationships with customers. 

In this regard, Stanford Web Credibility Research compiled 10 guidelines for building the credibility of a website. This can be applied to your product, personality, and brand.

5) Leverage content and social media marketing 

Social media paves ways for developing relationships with customers. To get the product to customers, you should use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to your advantage. Through these channels, there will be more outreach to the customers. You can use these channels to post industry information, retweet or repost articles of particular significance, or further illustrate how the business works, with photos or videos. Furthermore, LinkedIn should be effectively used for networking. 

Also, make sure to utilize content marketing. This will give more access to qualified leads and channels to sell products. Content marketing involves posting sales blogs, articles, white papers, eBooks, and landing pages, on websites. Moreover, if you engage in SEO, content marketing can help you rank well in search results.

Refer to this interesting website for real-time visualization of what happens on social media.

6) Use appropriate negotiation techniques

Skyrocket your sales goals with excellent negotiation techniques. Skilled negotiators are concerned about finding a solution or an arrangement that is satisfactory to both parties. They look for what are called “win-win” situations, where both parties are happy with the results of the negotiation. To be the best negotiator, you should ask good questions to find out exactly what is needed, be patient, and be very well prepared. This strategy is integral for any salesperson to generate higher revenue for the department and promote overall organizational growth. 

7) Thrive to build long-lasting customer relationships

“Once a customer, always a customer.”

As per HubSpot, customer retention is an excellent strategy for increasing sales volumes. Once a customer has purchased your product, this should not be the end of the relationship with them. Focus on nurturing a strong relationship with your customer. Customers that have bought from you before, spend 67% more than your new customers. You can adopt loyalty programs to reward customers for repeat business with increased value propositions. Contextually, these include premium service add-ons or other additional perks. Implementing a subscription service is another tactic to increase sales volume with existing customers can also be how you can increase sales volume.

8) Promote offers

The best offers are clear, simple, and provide significant value to the customers. However, the offer should create urgency, where the customer has to decide within a specific time frame. The offer should have motivational features like sale price, cash-back, or access to a premium level of the product at the regular price point. How you communicate the offer is also an essential part of the strategy. Additionally, contact the prospects after securing the first deal with a follow-up purchase. This will strengthen the bond and cultivate positivity.

9) Lean towards visual marketing to create compelling stories

According to Hubspot research, 70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include visual marketing strategies. Customers have a better understanding if you use a lot of visuals to explain the products and services. They also perceive that the salesperson knows what they are explaining. Additionally, this fosters an effective trust-building process. This is one of the most successful strategies in fostering productivity to generate higher revenue that will in turn skyrocket your sales goals. 

10) Align the Marketing and Sales teams

When marketing and sales are in line with each other, the business will see a significant increase in overall productivity. The sales and marketing employees should be encouraged to work together, as the two can ultimately help each other in becoming more productive. Furthermore, generating higher revenue. Sales is a customer-facing team and the marketing is an operational team. The marketing team understands how to deliver the information to customers that can lead to a sale. When the street-knowledge of the sales department is combined with the messaging skills of the marketing department, you can have a much better tool for communication. Peanut butter and jelly is a classic example of a combo of things that is better when paired with each other. The same goes for sales and marketing, too!

11) Develop and share case studies

Case studies are success stories from past or current customers that give perspectives on whether your product or service will benefit their business. Having someone who uses your product or service to talk about it is always beneficial. An excellent way to get customers to endorse your product or service through a case study is to write a rough draft for them to edit. Hence, you can have an authentic sales tool to help prospects feel more comfortable moving forward with your proposal.

12) Improve your sales skills by learning new things

Successful sellers integrate new knowledge acquired into customer interactions. Developing your learning agility enables you to be more resourceful, adaptable, and proactive. Furthermore, upskilling will enable you to readily tackle customer problems and offer the best solutions/ practices. This way, you will be flexible in the ideas you generate and find numerous ways to skyrocket your sales goals. You should put acquired skills into practice and prioritize your tasks on a daily basis.

Sales Funnel - AIDA
Sales Funnel – AIDA

Final Words

The ultimate goal is to make rapid, huge sales, and generate higher revenue. Hence, the bottom line is to have a tailored, personal, relatable strategy that’ll skyrocket your sales. Identifying effective sales strategies and putting them into practice will enhance overall productivity. Furthermore, helps in relationship building and conversion of new sales. In addition, identify and implement the most effective sales secrets used by successful salespeople to uplift your sales management.