“The only constant is change”, who said that again? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that this couldn’t be any more appropriate when it comes to the ever-evolving CRM industry. Whether you are selling services over zoom or solving a support issue using live chat, adapting to your customer’s needs is crucial. And here’s an eye-opener, CRM revenues are expected to reach over $80 billion by 2025. So, if you aren’t down with it now, we’ve got two words for you… ‘get ready’ because it’s going to be one tedious ride. To help sort things out, here are the 4 Annoyingly Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021.

AI the Undisputed Conqueror

4 Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021

It’ll be the understatement of the century to say that there’s a ton of noise surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In fact, CRM-related AI is predicted to raise global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021. AI integrated in the CRM contributes immensely towards increasing the efficiency of service agents.

AI-powered CRM chatbots may sound like something out of a Sci-Fi horror movie, but in reality, this growing industry is super useful. 60% of consumers have used bots to communicate with a business in the last year, which just goes to show how useful these bots are. Let’s have a look at the benefits in a more in-depth manner.

Undeniable Benefits of AI-powered Customer Service Chatbots

  • Facilitating Seamless Live Communication
  • Making Customer Service Available 24/7
  • Eliminating tedious manual tasks
  • Offering a smoother customer experience
  • With AI, chatbots are continuously going to grow smarter

You can be rest assured that AI bots won’t be replacing customer service agents any time soon. It’s human nature for people to always want to speak to a real person. But for simpler answers that do not require a detailed explanation, these bots are perfect. And not only that they tend to save a lot of time.

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Customer Experience Headed for Absolute Domination

4 Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021

Customer experience is now more important than ever before. Any customer would expect brands to engage with them meaningfully in every interaction thus elevating their experience as a whole.

And here’s a fact, CX is among the top-five list of priorities for 65% of executives in the next three years, according to the joint research from Forbes and Salesforce.

Benefits of a Meaningful Customer Experience

  • Enhances loyalty
  • Increases customer retention
  • Improves brand advocacy
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Have you ever thought about why companies like Amazon and Netflix are so successful? It’s because of their superb ability to serve up personalized content. Whether they are recommendations similar to something you’ve just watched or suggested based on your recent purchase.

Mobile CRM Is the New Face of Sales

4 Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021

Given that mobile computing is so popular nowadays and that a solid CRM has become an integral part of any business, it was inevitable that these two would form a merger.

According to Salesforce Sales reps saw a 15% increase in productivity when they had mobile access to CRM applications.

Benefits of Having a Good Mobile CRM Tool

  • Improving Sales Force productivity
  • Improving sales performance
  • Having faster access to sales materials
  • Greater communication and insight
  • Less paperwork and faster processing

Before implementing the use of mobile in your CRM strategy it is crucial for you to get internal buy-in from your sales team. Mobile CRM will not work if your sales team doesn’t buy into its approach.

Voice Technology & Conversational UI

4 Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021

Voice technology is of severe importance for the evolution of Saas tools. According to a research conducted by Adobe on voice technology: “Almost all users (94%) consider voice technology easy to use and say it does more than save time – it improves their quality of life.”

Let’s have a look at the potential benefits of conversation interfaces.

Benefits of Conversational Voice Technology and Conversational UI

  • Significantly lowers customer support costs
  • Enormously reduces server response time
  • Increases user retention and engagement
  • Widens the user base

CRM platforms are soon to integrate with voice technology, AI and machine learning. This way, CRM will not be able to offer data but also provide analytical feedback to customers.


It’s common knowledge by now that having the right CRM can make a massive difference really fast. Keeping the latest CRM trends in mind will eventually allow you to pick the software which will cater perfectly to all your business needs.

So, to recap, here are these are the 4 Brilliant CRM trends you need to be aware of for 2021:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Mobile CRM
  4. Voice Technology & Conversational UI

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