Artificial intelligence is the next big thing. Entrepreneurial forward-thinking companies are experimenting with SaaS, PaaS, and now AIaaS, in an attempt to provide customers with AI-powered solutions. 

Not just startups, but industries of all types are embracing off-the-shelf AI solutions. According to industry experts, global AI software – most of it artificial intelligence as a service software (AIaaS)- is set to grow by a whopping annual rate of 34.9%, with the market reaching over $100 billion by 2025. 

With such a positive outlook, AI does seem to be the one fix companies need to enhance their growth. But, like everything good there’s a catch to this too- all the AI-powered solutions available in the market come in a “one-size-fits-all” package. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While there are many companies out there that are seeing to use AI as a groundbreaking technology to gain business advantages, there are others that are merely doing it because that’s what everyone else is doing. 

You need to remember that adopting AI for your company requires a lot of planning and strategy. This means that more than often you will need a customized solution based on your business needs.

Choose Your Flavor Carefully

Most of the AI services available today are offered by AIaaS and come in two flavors- the basic and the slightly modified. The basic model is marketed claiming to provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution for all businesses. Both the modules offered by the AI service providers are meant to be applied, as-is, to anything that your business lacks. This could be optimizing the customer database, creating an inventory, or simply monitoring the performance of your employees. 

There are several AI service providers, especially those that market AIaaS, that claim to deliver AI solutions even for automated industrial production. But, one needs to understand that while the data backing such claims is authentic, it is however based on individual case studies, with limited data sets and generic objectives. 

So it is only natural that such generic AI solutions are going to produce generic results. 

All Is Not Lost 

Due to the generic nature of the AI solutions in the market, many customers who have had a bad experience with AIaaS will be more hesitant to try it again. Some businesses have even accused the cloud companies of deliberately misleading them with “off-the-shelf” AI when they clearly knew that it wasn’t a viable option for their company.

But as a business leader, you need to keep in mind that like all new developments that enhance business activity, AI technology, too, requires a high level of expertise. The engineers who work for cloud companies have that expertise and by developing customized solutions they could be able to help address the roadblocks in your business. The future of AI for businesses is definitely not a service-based one but one that integrates AI into the core of the business.