Today with the number of COVID-19 cases increasing every day with no definite vaccine – the pressure on the global health system is unimaginable. To cut the chain of virus spread, tech companies across the globe are working with the healthcare industry to come up with smart devices that can help control the virus spread. And the AI-powered thermal camera is one such amazing invention! These AI-enabled detection cameras are capable of conducting mass screening and provides real-time updates of an individual’s body temperature.

For instance: The AI Fever Detection Camera from IN Depth offers quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperatures. In other words, the IN Depth AI-powered thermal cameras leverage highly advanced artificial intelligence and scene analytics for real-time detection and assessments of elevated human body temperature. 

Features of AI-powered thermal cameras:

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced scene analytics, these AI-powered thermal cameras are quick in detecting elevated body temperature. This device automatically counts and detects the temperature of people entering a building 
  • Not just that, these cameras can also detect if people are keeping safe distances from each other.  
  • It is an effective non-contact and autonomous solution that provides safer environments in crowded places such as airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses. 
  • Also, the turn-key system comes pre-configured for fever screening, making it ready to run with minimal setup or training. 
  • Moreover, the software used in these cameras is intuitive and easy to use. Thereby enabling quicker screening. Also, a single copy of the camera management software can manage up to 32 camera systems
  • In addition, this system features AI-enabled facial recognition technology. That is, it can scan up to 30 people per second and store more than 20,000 faces in real-time. Not just that, but can also identify and categorize people into ‘known’ or ‘strangers’ categories 
  • It has high-resolution thermal sensors with nearly 400 x 300 pixels
  • Most importantly, the AI scene analytics tool can detect scenarios such as an individual entering with or without a mask, sends alerts if anybody removes their mask, and also assess the number of people entering a building
  • The AI Social Distancing tool can detect if people are maintaining social distance from each other with the help of its real-time video stream feature

Other technical features include:

  • Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Alarm alert sound (Speaker Out)
  • Snapshot with an accurate temperature reading
  • Sensitivity of 40mK
  • 17 color control
  • Sends alarms for strangers and known people
  • Ability to set a temperature range
  • Retaining temperature records for up to 100 day

Necessity is the mother of invention…

These smart, AI-enabled thermal sensor cameras are helping government officials to prevent and limit the spread of Coronavirus across the world. If you have come across any such mind-blowing inventions, share them with us by dropping a comment.

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