The early years of bitcoins have seen a bigger focus on the financial side of bitcoins, while today’s world is more concerned about the technological side of it that offers way too many features to take into consideration. Technology also plays a big role in the future development of cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies are, after all, digital currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash, are some of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies worldwide.

With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, many investors and bitcoin enthusiasts turn to online platforms. This is to learn about cryptocurrencies and the latest news from the cryptocurrency world. There are many sources of information regarding this technology on the internet. In order to help you navigate, here’s the ultimate list of top 10 blockchain blogs out there.

1. Bitcoin Magazine

This is the world’s first magazine and one of the most established sources of news, information, and expert commentary on Bitcoin, its underlying technology, and the entire industry that has evolved around it. The magazine is owned by BTC Media LLC, the media and publishing subsidiary of BTC Inc. Since 2012, it has offered detailed analysis, research, education, and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

Bitcoin Magazine shares news about individuals, businesses, and technological advancements that are transforming the world. Whether a blockchain newcomer, savvy developer, investor, or entrepreneur, this platform aims to educate the readers with top-notch content that meets the international editorial and journalistic standards, featuring all highs and lows of the crypto industry.

2. Bitcoin News 

It is a premier source for everything Bitcoin related. The website features the latest news and updates and also provides a forum to engage with the community on a Bitcoin Forum. Roger Ver, the CEO of is an early investor in Bitcoin and a strong promoter of bitcoin adoption by the masses. The news section of the website is filled with critical news that covers just about anything that happens in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, the website contains educational material that will help you better understand blockchain technology. We like the convenience of having everything you need to understand bitcoin on the same platform. Unlike other Bitcoin news websites, at, there is a dedicated community to interact with fellow crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin News is a great portal for bitcoins enthusiasts, small businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as bitcoin users who trade bitcoins online and use them for payment or funds storage. The blog is especially recommendable to all bitcoin investors who want to learn first-hand information from the bitcoins world.

3. BitcoinTechWeekly

BitcoinTechWeekly differs a lot from rest of the websites, primarily because it is categorically aimed at those who already have a technical understanding of blockchain technology. Most of their posts focus on the latest software development tools and network updates in the industry. This is considered to be a great source for technically savvy blockchain individuals.

4. Blockchain Pulse – IBM

One of the industry giants is undoubtedly IBM and their internal blog Blockchain Pulse. While it’s a great place to learn about what they are working on and who they are working with, it also covers the industry at large. Readers can expect in-depth high-quality content. It also features insight into the inner workings of some of the most advanced blockchain applications. 

5. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the most popular crypto blogs offering cryptocurrency news and anything under the umbrella of blockchain. With over 10 million unique visitors, it is one of the most popular information service platforms for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins today. In fact, other crypto websites also cite it as a source of their information. 

Moreover, many news portals share the latest news from Coindesk as the most accurate news source when it comes to bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. With regular updates about bitcoin and crypto, Coindesk is definitely the platform to explore. 

6. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is one of the first blogs to cover the most relevant news on cryptocurrencies. The platform publishes a lot of exciting information regarding four primary topics: cryptocurrency trading, blockchain, mining activities, and crypto news. They have a dedicated learning page that covers all the terms that one needs to know before starting trading Bitcoin. Moreover, Cointelegraph looks for use cases of blockchain in the real-world and analyzes everything that happens in the crypto world. This includes a clear structure, a news feed, crypto rating, regulation, and information regarding upcoming coin offerings. This blog is highly recommendable for those who need a platform to make the most out of their cryptocurrency trade.

7. Crypto Currency News (CCN)

CCN provides not only news about cryptocurrencies, but an in-depth analysis of the crypto field. The content on this web page is supported with graphs and figures, offering valuable information about trade volume, exchange rates, and changing market trends. A great element with CCN is their very informative ICO calendar that displays the latest projects in the crypto world. If this is something that appeals to you, make sure you visit CCN to take your daily dose of crypto news. Furthermore, readers can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest news directly in their emails.

8. Hashed Health

Healthcare is an important sector for blockchain application, focussing on security, transparency, and speed of access to critical information that are the strengths of the new technology. This portal brings together news and information from all around the world, from startups, news media, and industry experts. It is an excellent way to stay up to date on the state of blockchain in healthcare.

Hashed Health’s expert team strives to utilize blockchain solutions in solving old healthcare problems in new ways. They specialize in not only applying the right technical framework to a business problem but also solving important non-technical requirements. Their team focuses every day on product development, enterprise services, and market development activities. If you are in the healthcare industry, this blog is a great source of information.

9. NewsBTC

NewsBTC brings quality news content, reviews, technical analysis, and other unique insights to the ever-growing cryptocurrency community. It has a dedicated section that provides exclusive technical analysis for Bitcoin and altcoins.  If you are new to the crypto space, then News BTC is the right platform to look for content that is published to be understood by beginners. 

Additionally, the website offers expert insights and forecasts into the top and emerging digital currencies. Their consistent and accurate reporting has resulted in mentions from CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch, and alike. 

10. Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

In his crypto blog, Vitalik discusses everything from the history and challenges of the Ethereum blockchain to the development of theories. Also, how the blockchain industry should be regulated. If there is any website that you should consider reading as an investor looking to gain a more technical understanding of blockchain technology, this is the one.

After the development and success of the Ethereum network, Vitalik is one of the key personalities in the evolution of blockchain. His primary audience is the more versed cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have a grasp of the jargon used in the cryptocurrency community. With excellent advice and insights in his blog,  you will definitely learn a few things about what goes on in the mind of a very successful coin developer.

Winding Up

It is very hard to find one source of information that will supply all your needs in terms of trading cryptocurrencies. In order to have a comprehensive view of what happens in the crypto industry, you’ll need multiple sources of information. However, these 10 crypto websites are reliable and respected sources of information. By following these, you will always be updated with blockchain and cryptocurrency news from all over the world.