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How Technology is Transforming the Mental Health Sector

Technology and mental health sector? What an odd combination you may be wondering. But here’s how technology is transforming mental health care today.

Growing Significance of Cyber Security in Healthcare Industry

Ensure Covid-19 catapulted the healthcare industry to the forefront of cyber-security in 2021.  Over the last year, the healthcare industry has become a target of...

Artificial Intelligence to Boost Supply Chain for COVID Vaccine

Artificial intelligence Solutions for Forecasting, Supply-chain, Quality control, and Safety. Yes, you heard right!! Vaccinating the global population against COVID-19 is one of the most immense...

6 Awesome Fitness Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for some kind of motivation to start your long-pending exercise? Here’s a list of some cool fitness gadgets that can help you get started.

Top Apps to Accelerate Your Fitness Journey in 2021

Whether you’re looking for the best workout apps to keep you motivated or the ones that can help you start a new fitness routine...

Looking Inside Neuralink and Its Possibilities

Neuralink, the breakthrough technology that was kept highly secretive until 2018, is finally  out in the open. At the end of last month (August...

Workplaces of the Post-Pandemic World

“Welcome to your office. This office follows all safety protocols prescribed by WHO to ensure utmost safety and protection. The office has been thoroughly...

Does Your Mask Work Best for Covid-19? Ask AI

You have heard Artificial Intelligence’s growing application in tracking the progress of Covid-19. You might have also noticed how AI tools have been helpful...

11 Most Promising AI Healthcare Companies in 2020

Here is a list of 11 most promising AI Healthcare companies in 2020, reshaping the medical sector in several ways. Continue reading!