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What is Account Based Marketing?

With several people involved in the B2B decision-making process, it is important to know which ones can help you further your business. We set up a pipeline that gets you a steady stream of ready-to-buy accounts.


Having an “Ideal Customer Profile” in hand helps zero in on prospects that are more eager to buy than others. We help you manage expectations and have better accuracy than ever in engaging with the right group.

Our Offerings:

  • Ideal customer mapping with “look-alike” customers for more targeting
  • Comprehensive account information with engagement insights and other key issues of the buying group
  • Data analytics to identify the customers most likely to buy based on historical buying pattern
  • ICP firmographics with job titles, industry types, and revenue size
  • Buyers group stakeholder ranking based on company hierarchies

Focus on data


Set buying triggers and get keener insights into intent data for better decision-making. Get collated data from disparate sources and an update on all the accounts for fresh and relevant leads. We help you to integrate the data from multiple sources and boost your business.

Our Offerings:

  • Data update for all the accounts, keeps them fresh and relevant
  • Integration of data from disparate sources into an organized account
  • 1st party and 3rd party intent data acquisition and maintenance for keener customer insights
  • Accurate contact data based on business structure and decision-making process
  • Buying triggers and barriers data set different account


Delivering relevant content helps in establishing trust and credibility with the audience. Get in front of people already in the market for your product/service and connect with them.

Our Offerings:

  • Content assets for specific job titles to increase personalized account coverage
  • Multimedia assets like podcast, webinar, and videos to showcase company expertise
  • Content alignment with sales cycle at each touchpoint of B2B conversion funnel
  • Account specifics content based on industry type, competitive dynamics, and market trends
  • Persona centric content strategies for account nurturing based on each stage of the sales funnel

Build the right account list

Build the right account list

Account List

Having the right account list is everything! We have a list of people ready to buy from you and leverage your content to convince them to buy from you. Use our data-backed services to bolster your position in the marketplace.

Our Offerings:

  • Targeted campaigns to reach specific accounts with greater potential of buying and sales follow up
  • Content consumption analysis with campaign metrics to discern accounts actively looking to buy
  • Score customer engagements based on company size and industry type
  • Account prioritization and segmentation to map prospects with predictive models and engagement heat maps
  • Run multiple digital campaigns to build enterprise level accounts with key decision makers