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How Accout based marketing can leverage your B2B Marketing

What is Account Based Marketing

B2B Purchase journey is always in a state of flux. Today, there are anywhere from 5 to 12 stakeholders in a large buying decision. Furthermore, these stakeholders use 10 or even more channels for their research. So, the question is how do brands remain omnipresent and omnichannel – and yet stay relevant to the customers?

Uncover all the sales intelligence and fill your pipeline with a steady stream of ready-to-buy accounts.

Identify the right target account

All leads are not equal. Marketers need time to filter good accounts from the cold ones. Build your account based on your ideal customer profile (ICP). In ICP, we map the attributes of the customers with the company’s business and revenue goals. You can understand your target customers and define their problems or challenges with greater accuracy. Marketing and sales can focus on the right accounts that are most likely to do business with you.

Our Offerings:

  • Ideal customer mapping with “look-alike” customers for more targeting
  • Comprehensive account information with engagement insights and other key issues of the buying group
  • Data analytics to identify the customers most likely to buy based on historical buying pattern
  • ICP firmographics with job titles, industry types, and revenue size
  • Buyers group stakeholder ranking based on company hierarchies

Focus on data

SiriusDecisions says, “Companies that proactively maintain their sales and marketing database can realize 66% higher conversions to revenue compared to those that don’t.” Successful ABM (Account Based Marketing) strategies must start with data, because better data leads to better marketing decisions. You need the right set of data, to build a better ABM list based on their spending levels, current revenue performance, future growth potential, and buying history.

Our Offerings:

  • Data update for all the accounts, keeps them fresh and relevant
  • Integration of data from disparate sources into an organized account
  • 1st party and 3rd party intent data acquisition and maintenance for keener customer insights
  • Accurate contact data based on business structure and decision-making process
  • Buying triggers and barriers data set different account

Engage with relevant content

ABM makes big sense for marketers because it is hyper-focused when it comes to personalized engagement. Rather than the conventional top-of-the funnel approach of targeting a larger audience with similar titles, we can go surgical in identifying the right accounts and engage them with relevant content. In a buying group each job titles have their own sets of specific challenges. For example: An IT Director might be concerned about security and risks, whereas a CFO will be more concerned about financial aspects like budget and revenue. In both the cases you need relevant content to engage meaningfully.

Our Offerings:

  • Content assets for specific job titles to increase personalized account coverage
  • Multimedia assets like podcast, webinar, and videos to showcase company expertise
  • Content alignment with sales cycle at each touchpoint of B2B conversion funnel
  • Account specifics content based on industry type, competitive dynamics, and market trends
  • Persona centric content strategies for account nurturing based on each stage of the sales funnel

Build the right account list

ABM focusses on right account leads and not just more leads. The process usually starts with selecting best-fit account list based on multiple variables like order value, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and other buying attributes across the company hierarchy. Select and rank potential prospects which align with your business goals and strategies. The goal is to build account-based models target audience list for three specific criteria. Do you have the solution to solve the customer problem? Is the prospect ready to buy? If yes, what are the pain points that we need to address for each stakeholder in the buyer group.

Our Offerings:

  • Targeted campaigns to reach specific accounts with greater potential of buying and sales follow up
  • Content consumption analysis with campaign metrics to discern accounts actively looking to buy
  • Score customer engagements based on company size and industry type
  • Account prioritization and segmentation to map prospects with predictive models and engagement heat maps
  • Run multiple digital campaigns to build enterprise level accounts with key decision makers