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YouTube is expanding its push against misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines to all vaccines.

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The Rise of Cloud kitchen: Everything You Need to Know

The hotel and restaurant industry is not the same anymore. Why? Cloud Kitchen is why! Explore everything about cloud kitchen in this blog.

Maintain Cybersecurity for Remote Working

COVID-19 had become the biggest threat to cybersecurity for employees and their organizations. Because of the risk of spreading COVID virus almost all the employees and organization has started working remotely.

How Technology is Keeping Us Sane During the Pandemic?

Technology has been the bridge - connecting all of us. Read on to see how technology is keeping us sane and safe during the pandemic.

6 Remote Work Tools You Need to Work Remotely

Working-from-home is tough, but it need not have to be! Read on to explore the must-have remote work tools to help you work remotely, tension-free.

How AI-Powered Thermal Cameras Are Assisting the COVID-19 Screening?

The healthcare system is relying on AI to limit the spread of COVID-19. Explore how AI-powered thermal cameras are assisting the COVID-19 screening.

Workplaces of the Post-Pandemic World

“Welcome to your office. This office follows all safety protocols prescribed by WHO to ensure utmost safety and protection. The office has been thoroughly...

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