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How Lead Generation can leverage your B2B Marketing

What is Lead Generation

To ensure the continuity of any business you need to find the right set of potential buyers. You need customers that are proactive and selective when they go shopping. Lead generation ensures to select the right customers and matches them to the right sellers. At TechVersions, we help you engage the target audience and convert them to leads that drive business. With a wide range of tech-enabled digital marketing strategies, we engage them through their customer journey.

Identify the right customer group

Making the customer aware of your brand is the start of lead generation. We ensure that you have enough exposure in the digital media and online exposure that the target audience can easily associate to you. By nurturing those who can really be converted, you gain the right target and quality leads. The selected data can help in your marketing and sales efforts.

Our Offerings:

  • Identify the characteristics of target audience
  • Gather info with contact forms, sign-ups, and newsletters
  • Create customer/buyer personas
  • Filter leads for quality
  • Streamlined target profiling and selection
  • Quantifying every lead through paid advertising

Engage with content that matters

Engaging the audience is not difficult with the right set of content. Each category of leads will have varying needs based on their industry, geographical location, revenue strength, or spending limits. By identifying the key points, you need to engage them in what they are really interested in to drive business.

Our Offerings:

  • Identify and meet the demand of B2B marketers
  • Tech-enabled content engagement
  • Fuel marketing demands with personalized content
  • Shape the brand preference and lead future purchases
  • Generate higher quality leads than traditional outbound marketing models

Generate more traffic with value proposition

Engaging customers with the right content can generate traffic for your business. But quality content is not enough to create excellent value. Building a fluid, integrated, and engaging experience across all channels is critical. To generate traffic that brings value to the business requires you to engage them at various touchpoints that matters.

Our Offerings:

  • Find and engage eligible accounts with ABM (Account Based Marketing)
  • Automated messaging on subscription models
  • Concrete B2B profiling as per industry, geographical location, revenue size
  • Qualitative content with more click rates
  • Effective strategies for social media marketing, email marketing, programmatic advertising, and SE

Convert leads to ROI

Converting website traffic to valuable prospects, leads, clients, customers, or subscribers need proper content management and marketing strategies. It is the last crucial step of lead generation. Understanding the proper website traffic rates and improving upon it will give you an advantage in converting leads to substantial ROI.

Our Offerings:

  • Engage visitors with gated content that gives organic clicks rates
  • Well-designed landing pages for eBooks, videos, whitepapers, guides, infographics
  • Leverage marketing automation tools that can generate ROI
  • Content promotion for business development and conversions
  • Create, automate, and measure campaigns across all channels